Sunday, October 7, 2012

Recovering Data From A Broken Hardrive

For two years or so I've been backing up all my pictures and documents on an external hardrive. Well about six months ago the usb port on my drive broke and I thought I lost all my data. I looked into taking it to a repair shop but the cost to fix my drive or even get the data off it was several hundred dollars. Then the hubs helped me with some research on the never failing YouTube and we discovered this really cool tool.
If you need to retrieve data from a broken computer drive or external drive this is the tool you will want. It was only about $8 on Amazon. Way better than several hundred! I'm really not that much of a computer nerd so I wouldn't really be able to explain how to use it, but definitely check out YouTube, they have some great tutorials.
Anyway, all that to say I was able to retrieve 2 years worth of pictures and documents yay! I had a lot of photoshoot pics to go through and I'm still working on editing them. Here are some of my faves...

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