Saturday, October 20, 2012

Color Me Rad 5K

Today we got up at 4am, loaded the girls up and drove to Columbia, SC for a 5k. This was no ordinary 5k. It was the Color Me Rad, a race where people throw dyed cornstarch at you along the way and at the end you have a color fight. Steven pushed the girls in the jogger and I ran beside. We all had a blast!
Pre-race...All clean
Clean socks and shoes

Clean Girls
Clean Steven
Serenity after the race. She did a model pose.
Haley after the race. She had a finger in her nose in almost every pic.
Me after the race. Steven got me square in the mouth with yellow!
 Steven after the race. And of course Haley still has a finger in her nose!
Throughout the race when we would come to a color station, Steven would be like "Get the girls! Get the girls!" So the color bombers would be distracted and he would slip by without getting very messy. I was not about to let him be lame, and bombed him with whole bag of orange haha!

 Awesome Awesome day!

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