Our Blended Family&Stepkids

Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm Liz, a photographer, fashion lover, thrift store addict, writer and dreamer. I love God and strive to put him first in my life. My husband is a Marine and I love my life as his military wife. I'm mommy to two beautiful girls and five fun, energetic stepsons. Together we are the Brownings.

The Love of my life
My Steven working hard...or hardly working? ;)

Conner, Josiah, Me and Aaron

My Girls Serenity&Haley
All the kids! Christmas 2011

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This section is going to be primarily dedicated  to being a stepmom and all the struggles, trials but many joys I get from it. I'll also be writing posts on what it is like to have a blended family and dealing with a high conflict birth mother. I'll be offering tips from our own experience, advice and links to help out others in situations like ours. I wanted to set this page aside for this exclusively, since not everyone cares about these topics. And to those of you that stalk my blog, if you don't like what I post here, go somewhere else. Nothing but your hate and pathetic obsession is keeping you here.
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  1. You have a beautiful family....big family....I only have 3 and sometimes I think I'm going to lose my mind! Great job.