Saturday, March 1, 2014

Friday Fashion Faux Pas-Backstabbing

I know I promised you a Friday Fashion Faux Pas and you will get one next week I promise. But this Friday I want to focus on a character Faux Pas. Faux Pas is the French word for "mistake". So the title is basically "fashion mistake". But sometimes it's not always about fashion. Sometimes you can have a character flaw, and no matter how nice you dress, this character flaw makes you nasty and ugly.

Unlike a fashion flub that is as easy to fix as changing clothes; a flaw in your character is not easy to fix. It requires apologizing to those you hurt, saying you will make a change and then actually changing.

The ugly flaw I want to talk about is Backstabbing. The dictionary definition is...

noun: back-stabbing; noun: backstabbing
  1. 1.
    the action or practice of criticizing someone in a treacherous manner while feigning friendship.
Unfortunately I have a prime example of someone with this nasty sister-in-law Jackie. It's one thing if a friend stabs you in the back, it's another thing when your own family does it! Or someone who is supposed to be your family anyway. One of the reasons I'm addressing this is because it keeps happening. So I'm returning the knife that was left in my back...again.

It started in 2009. She came to visit not long after my husband and I got together. She said a lot of bad things about my husband's ex wife who she used to be good friends with. I should have known then and there that if she would talk crap about someone that used to be her friend that she would eventually talk crap about me. Months later we had moved to South Carolina and she called saying she couldn't pay her bills. So even though we couldn't afford to visit the boys that year we still helped her out, paying her electric bill with money we really couldn't spare. Didn't hear anything from her for months after that. Then this happened...

Without ever calling to see what was going on she accuses us of child abuse, accuses my husband of heavy drinking and even goes as far as trying to say my husband was abusive towards his ex wife. She never came to us with any concerns just went straight to the ex that hates my husbands guts. When Holly didn't get the reaction she was hoping for  (him begging for forgiveness on his knees for some thing he didn't do) If she was looking for an apology (since that's all she ever talks about is apologizing, but we never heard anything resembling an apology from her) she should start with herself and the fact that she cheated on her now ex multiple times, pushed her youngest across the room because he was interrupting her computer game. It's just a pity that Jackie is naïve, stupid and easily manipulated. We see through all Holly's bs because we deal with it everyday. But she takes every word that falls from Holly's lips as gold. Just like that saying...

Well gee, wonder what does that makes you guys?

And while all this stuff is supposedly going on, lies spread about me by people who don't even know me. Jackie is telling all this adult stuff to her teenage daughters. I guess she has no other people to hear her bitch. I'm not surprised they are running around getting piercings, drinking, smoking cigs and pot, doing ex and sleeping around. (Jackie stayed with us for a few days out of 5 years, Holly has literally uttered 2-3 words to me in 5 years. And that included text and email. I tried to take the high road when I first met her and be courteous, stay out of the way ect. And the next thing I know she called CPS on me. I'm sure she will like about that too, but I have the paperwork to prove it)
Wow involving teenage daughters in adult business is soo smart (being sarcastic here) You should be Mother of the Year. O wait Holly already got that one. And to send your daughter to cuss me out all over my pages on facebook saying stuff she has absolutely no idea about is really, really shitty and cowardly of you. I didn't even correct her misinformation because she is a child and shouldn't be involved in this matter. I simply told her to grow up and stop talking about adult things.

So what is up with you trying to make amends or apologizing or whatever? I remember last time you tried to get involved Holly hits us with another court order. So seriously you need to cut ties with her or you will no longer be a part of our family. Picking your brother you grew up with to a woman you think you know makes you a piece of shit.

And seriously stop with the apologizing stuff it makes you look stupid and like a coward. Stop trying to fool everyone into thinking you are this good person. You know who you are, I know who you are,  lot of us know the things you have done. So if you really want to make things write, don't just write me half ass paragraph and not speak to me again (why did Holly get mad and forbade you to speak to me again?) Actually DO something. words mean nothing without some actions. And one last word. What Holly is doing is wrong. Keeping the children from Steven, accusing him of sexual molestation lie after lie after. And telling Conner Steven gave her herpes just so he didn't want to go visit his dad is clear parental alienation. If you don't step up, speak out and sit on the sidelines you are just as guilty as she is.

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