Thursday, February 20, 2014

Updatey Datey

If you haven't already noticed I haven't been very active on the blog recently. There has been a problem with the site that hosts my blog and the technical difficulties they are having won't let me upload pictures. And I mean how boring is a blog with no pics? Um yeah super boring. I at least included the links to the pictures in case you are dying to know what it looks like.

Well here is a mini update and then, since it's Thursday, I'll do my Things I'm loving (and hating) Thursday.

~My oldest daughter got an award at her school the other day. Out of 29 kids in her kindergarten class she was 1 of 2 that got an award. I'm one proud momma! Her award was a Good Character award specifically for always being kind and respectful to others. That's my sweet, sweet Serenity <3 she always lives up to her name of being "serene". She is going to grow up to be a Zen master haha!*****************************************************************************

~My wonderful father shipped out this past week for an 8 month long deployment. a bit of a downer for me. Say a prayer for him if you don't mind :)

~This week I started a page called Bring the Browning Boys Home. In less than a week we have gotten 166 followers. It's a page for our friends and family and people dealing with circumstances like ours to come and talk and exchange advice. We will be following our court case, exposing the lies and asking for support. (By the way go like that page now....yes you...right now!) I'll also have a wall of shame showing crooked lawyers, biased mediators, bad judges and even people contributing to the alienation or abuse of my stepsons. If we don't stand for those who can't fight for themselves...who will?

Ok now for my Things I'm Loving Thursday

I'm loving Starbucks cold coffee, the one you can buy in the grocery story near the cold juice isle. The Caramel Macchiato Discoveries is my favourite but I'm not a big fan of the Mocha. I actually haven't tried the Vanilla yet so I don't know about that one. <3<3<3

I'm also loving those Birthday Cake Oreos. I'm not sure when they came out but I've never gotten them before last week. OMG they are delish! It's like cake in the middle of a cookie. What have I been missing all these years?  I am probably just too obsessed with oreos! <3<3<3

Ok one last food...well drink actually that I'm loving is Nighty Night Tea. It's an organic sleep enhancer. It really warms me up and calms me down so I feel sleepy but not too drowsy. Cozy would be the word I would describe. Did I mention it's organic and good for you too?<3<3<3

Something else I'm loving is Target. I rarely shop at Target because Wal-Mart is cheaper and even though I hate Wal-Mart it' all I can afford. But the thing about Target is that is gives back so much to schools make up of mostly military children. Once a month we get several pounds of food including produce, bread, pasta, cereal, canned stuff. About 2 months ago they helped my daughter's elementary build a new library. At the library opening each child received a new backpack and 3 or 4 brand new books. What a great company!!

Of course there is something I have to rant about. I'm Irish and you know us, we just won't back down. I know I may have spoken on this matter before but it apparently needs addressing again. And yes I know I'm putting personal problems out there but 1. Y'all are my friends, advisors, supporters and family. 2. Not that I approve of Miley Cyrus but hey "It's my blog I can say what I want to." haha! You don't like it, let me know something I could do better or just move on. Nobody is tying you up and forcing you to read this lol!
So my husband has this sister. She is supposedly bffs with my husband's ex and is so gullible she believes everything her bff (husband's ex) tells her. She has turned her back on her brother and me, talked trash about us, lied about us to the ex and even blocked us on Facebook. When I wrote about her before and the mean things she was doing to us she contacted me and said "O let's work this out." So I did, and I bent over backwards to try to fix the relationship. There was no response from her. Pretty clear she didn't really care about the relationship, she just didn't want her name where everyone might find out the truth about her. But hey I should have known. When she came to visit a couple years ago she talked mad trash about my husbands ex-how she slapped the youngest boy because he was bothering her while she was on a computer game, how her house was a dump and how she would get naked on webcam with her kids in the room. (Who even knows if this stuff is true, it's just what Jackie the sister said. Ironically now they are bffs again. Could it have something to do with the ex's mom getting a million$+ settlement? Maybe, maybe not but I know one thing once a backstabber, always a backstabber. My poor husband has to deal with a sister who is disloyal and not only that, makes up lies to tell the ex. Of course those lies get brought up in court. What kind of sister would try to destroy her brother!!?? It's nauseating. And last but not least both the ex and the hub's sister  claim to be awesome Christians. Posting things like they are completely innocent and God is on their side. Sorry but God doesn't like liars, cheaters and backstabbers. She will be on my Wall of Shame once I get done with my daily schoolwork. But here is a link to Jackie's Facebook just if you are nosy or  want to get something off your chest.

Whew! Glad to release that... I'll be working hard to get my pics fixed so hang in there with me. Much looove~Lizzie

P.S For you drama lovers, the next people on my wall of shame will be Diane (who threatened to kill our friends dog for testifying for us) Jeanette (too much crap to list) and of course the ex (who is wreaking havoc in these precious children's lives daily)

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