Saturday, April 12, 2014

Product Review- Yacon Syrup

Quality Life Essentials sent me this Raw Yacon Syrup. It's made up of 100% pure yacon syrup and serves as a metabolism booster, and an all natural weight loss supplement. It also serves as a natural source of prebiotics.

For all those on diets, it is
-gluten free.

The suggested use is 1tsp 3x daily.

If I were to describe the product, it is brown like mollassas but not thick or bitter. It has a slight coffee flavor and very, very sweet. The more you taste it the better it goes down.

Want to try some for yourself? Go here On Amazon. Or check them out more on Facebook

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Haley's 4th Birthday Party

Haley wanted a Hello Kitty Birthday, we didn't have much money to spend on her party but did a lot of DIY stuff and she loved it.

I got a cupcake stand for cheap and glued these jewels on it. I also got some Hello Kitty sugar pieces at Wal-Mart for like $2. I added them to the chocolate cupcakes we made and it almost looked designer.

So you know how at parties have the yummy party mix called "puppy chow"? We just switched it to "Kitten Chow" and it fit right in.

We got a big bog of twizzlers and named it "Kitten Whiskers". Isn't it cute!

Here is the little set up for the present/favor table. I made these flower balls which have gotten lots of use for birthday parties, photoshoots ect. All the girls had pink princess crowns to wear around for birthday.

We also had a fruit tray, hummas and pretzel crisps, a meat and cheese tray and a veggie tray. For the adults we had sodas and juice boxes for the kids.

We made kitty masks out of paper plates and the girls colored and signed a huge paper for Haley to hang up in her room.

Really the only thing that cost the most was Haley's cake. It was a Hello Kitty small round cake surrounded by pink cupcakes with Hello Kitty rings.(I didn't get a chance to get a really good pic of the cake but it was an ordered cake from Albertson's so not too fancy).

Aren't these girls the cutest!

For party favors I  got a pack of pink bags from the dollar store and we filled it with little toys and candy. I drew eyes on the bags, with a kitty nose cut from foam and whiskers cut from construction paper.

The party was a blast and everyone had fun. And the best thing was Haley was thrilled with everything!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fashion Faux Pas-Prego looking Shirts

Writing this a bit late, but here is you "Fashion Faux Pas" for Friday.

We will be taking a look at those "too big for you", "flowy" "Are you pregnant" shirts.

Some women do have really big boobs so they can kind of get away with it. Still looks preggy though.

Even a skinny model can look preggo if wearing the wrong color or shape. I got this pic from This blog will make you have so much. He says the funniest stuff about the clothes Forever 21 sells. Check it out if you want a good laugh

Wearing baggy pants with a flowy top definitely makes you look preggo.
Here's another site that's hilarious with bad clothing. It's called No More Mom Jeans. The site owner has some good excersize ideas too. Well that's all for today, hope ya'll had a great Friday!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Things I'm Loving Thursday

Happy Thursday! So here what I'm loving Thursday.

I got a Diamond candle for Valentines day. This company sells candles for about $25 and each contains a ring worth $10, $100, $1000 or $10,000. The candles are soy and all natural, don't have a too strong smell and the rings are always beautiful. Only downfall is you can't pick the size of the ring. 

Here is the candle my hubby got me. It was really special because I usually don't get a nice present because of our money situation. Here is the ring I got. It was too big but since it was a $10 ring a pair of pliers fixed it pretty much. It was such a beautiful present and so thoughtful.

Not trying to make this whole post about the hubby but I just couldn't pass this quote up. He is totally my encouragement for everything and definitely growth. So yes my husband is one of my favorite things :)

And last but not least I'm going to a Fatherless Day Rally  this summer. I'll be able to tell our story to many people, plus the news will hopefully be there.

And of course what I'm NOT liking this week...ugh. 

We have asked for time with our stepsons again and again. My stepsons have also asked for more time. Their mom has shot down their requests again and again. It's always "O the court order says this so we have to follow it." Even though the boys can spend as much time with us as agreed upon. Too bad there is so much greed on her part. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Stepmother's Journey-Dealing with Greed

As a stepmother you will deal with greed many times and in many different ways. In our situation we have a birthmother who cares more about money than she does her own children. She is very spoiled, entitled and used to getting her own way. She doesn't care who she hurts in the process (be it her kids or any child, her family ect.) Her friends have finally begun to notice who she truly is and really at this point she only has one. Her mom and dad just got remarried so they pay for pretty much everything. She lives a high maintenance lifestyle and will do anything to keep it that way.

After our last court hearing the judge forgot to include my husband and my daughter as a hardship deduction. Instead of helping us correct the mistake, Holly said she would only if we agreed to put Aaron, the middle son on ADHD meds. He doesn't need them, she just likes him being a zombie so she doesn't have to deal with his extra energy. Who in their right mind basically blackmails you with a child? It is sick, nauseating and just plain dumbfounding.

This photo is just one example of the kind of thing that goes on at the ex's house. Every time she calls while the kids are with us she tells the boys about all the stuff she is going to buy them and and the "fun" stuff they are going to do when the boys return. She knows they love staying with us, and it pisses her off so much.

So the ex's husband works under the table, plus he has a car, a truck and a travel trailer. O and did I mention he bought a city bus to turn into a motor home while he apparently has "no job or money."

And then Holly got a vehicle in the divorce plus her dad gave her a car straight up no strings attached. So all together they have 4 cars, a city bus and a travel trailer. Yet they are on food stamps and state medical, plus school funds for Holly, and live rent free in her mom's house. Two babby daddies support her with child support and who knows what other under the table money she is getting. It really isn't about the money though, even though it pisses me off, it's about how they are lying and taking place in fraud to get this money, and how the result takes the food, clothes and opportunities away from my girls who didn't do anything wrong and don't deserve one bit of the way they are being treated by that family (Holly and her mom...and Diane the fake aunt).

Don't get me wrong I'm glad my stepsons are financially taken care of so well, but then I have every right to be upset that things aren't fair for my two little ones. Holly has talked trash about my own kids. Are you fucking kidding me? They are just innocent little girls and deserve just as much as everyone else. Right now my youngest is running around in shoes with the front duct taped because they have holes in them. We can't afford another pair because we just bought plane tickets to see my stepsons. She sends the boys with trashy clothes, holes, stains ect. I know they have nice clothes but why they come with crap clothes I don't know. Maybe she thinks we will buy them new stuff. One year we tried to buy them school clothes, shoes and some school supplies. She took the clothes back because she didn't think they were appropriate (one had a skull design on it). She took the shoes back but didn't give a reason. She took the backpacks back because they were from Wal-Mart and I guess Wal-Mart is too cheap for her taste. So we no longer buy them things or big presents because they will just be taken back so she can get the cash. And she has the nerve to call us deadbeats.

This past summer was the longest time the boys got to spend with us. Mom is such a control freak though she demanded a welfare check in the middle of their visit. So this woman on food stamps and all this welfare and other people's money took the kids to universal studios, stayed in a hotel and basically had a nice vacation with the 2 younger boys. The older one didn't even want to go, he wanted to stay and spend time with me and his dad and his oldest brother. I'm so glad the boys had a great time....but hey I'd like to take my girls to Disneyworld for the first time in their lives instead of paying for your manicure and many hair cut/dye jobs.

Glad my stepsons are having a nice time but who paid for this trip I wonder?

I know you can't buy alcohol with food where is the beer money coming from since neither of them work?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Product Review-Sanford Sharpie Products

First of all sharpie is one of my favorite brands because of the quality and beauty of their products. I was sent 3 Sharpie products to try out, and of course had a blast doing so.

The first was a Sharpie Premium Pen.It looks extremely professional and writes like an excellent business pen. The tip is very fine but durable. The ink is acid-free, water, smear and fade resistant. You can even refill the pen so you never have to buy another one! Let me tell you this is a business man/woman's dream pen.

If you unscrew the top black part you can refill the pen. The sleek silver design is very fashionable in my opinion. Want one for yourself? Go here

The next set of Sharpies I received were Neon Permanent markers, a set of 5. They had fine tips but made bold, detailed lines. The colors were very vivid on the white paper I used to test them. These Sharpies are especially neat because they glow under black light. They are perfect for decorating things before going to a party or the club. You can use them on paper, plastic, glass, wood, leather or even your fingernails!

There is so much fun stuff you can use these for! I am all about the neon!
Grab a set of your own here

The third and final product I received, which was my favorite, was a set of metallic silver and gold Sharpies. The color was gorgeous! They were almost like paint pens but drew very evenly and dried quickly. The ink is fade and water resistant as well. They have fine points but it doesn't take much to get a beautiful effect.

Both the silver and gold showed up very nice against the black paper.

You definitely need a set of these! Get them here

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Product Review-Ozeri Green Earth Pan

I was sent this amazing Green Earth Pan by Ozeri to try out. I reviewed a really cool pan by Ozeri Check it out here!

When I first pulled the pan from the packaging I noticed the gorgeous green color. Green is one of my favorite colors so I was pretty excited about that. I'm slowly trying to replace my kitchen gear with green. It's currently many different colors and nothing really matches since most of it was donated, but that's okay I'm just happy to have something to cook with.

The pan is coated in natural ceramic and free of PTFE, PFOA and other harmful chemicals. Even under high temperatures the pan will never release toxic fumes.

As with any non-stick pan you don't want to use any sharp utensils so as to not scratch the surface. It is recommended that you hand-wash the pan but it is dishwasher safe which is a pro for busy moms.

The handle is coated with heat resistant rubber so it's not hot to the touch while cooking. After cooking clean your pan with hot, soapy water and dry with soft cloth. If a residue builds up use lemon juice or vinegar to remove it.

I'm really in love with this pan, it's such high quality. I wish I replace all my pots and pans now!