Sunday, March 16, 2014

Product Review-Ozeri Green Earth Pan

I was sent this amazing Green Earth Pan by Ozeri to try out. I reviewed a really cool pan by Ozeri Check it out here!

When I first pulled the pan from the packaging I noticed the gorgeous green color. Green is one of my favorite colors so I was pretty excited about that. I'm slowly trying to replace my kitchen gear with green. It's currently many different colors and nothing really matches since most of it was donated, but that's okay I'm just happy to have something to cook with.

The pan is coated in natural ceramic and free of PTFE, PFOA and other harmful chemicals. Even under high temperatures the pan will never release toxic fumes.

As with any non-stick pan you don't want to use any sharp utensils so as to not scratch the surface. It is recommended that you hand-wash the pan but it is dishwasher safe which is a pro for busy moms.

The handle is coated with heat resistant rubber so it's not hot to the touch while cooking. After cooking clean your pan with hot, soapy water and dry with soft cloth. If a residue builds up use lemon juice or vinegar to remove it.

I'm really in love with this pan, it's such high quality. I wish I replace all my pots and pans now!

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