Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Product Review-Sanford Sharpie Products

First of all sharpie is one of my favorite brands because of the quality and beauty of their products. I was sent 3 Sharpie products to try out, and of course had a blast doing so.

The first was a Sharpie Premium Pen.It looks extremely professional and writes like an excellent business pen. The tip is very fine but durable. The ink is acid-free, water, smear and fade resistant. You can even refill the pen so you never have to buy another one! Let me tell you this is a business man/woman's dream pen.

If you unscrew the top black part you can refill the pen. The sleek silver design is very fashionable in my opinion. Want one for yourself? Go here

The next set of Sharpies I received were Neon Permanent markers, a set of 5. They had fine tips but made bold, detailed lines. The colors were very vivid on the white paper I used to test them. These Sharpies are especially neat because they glow under black light. They are perfect for decorating things before going to a party or the club. You can use them on paper, plastic, glass, wood, leather or even your fingernails!

There is so much fun stuff you can use these for! I am all about the neon!
Grab a set of your own here

The third and final product I received, which was my favorite, was a set of metallic silver and gold Sharpies. The color was gorgeous! They were almost like paint pens but drew very evenly and dried quickly. The ink is fade and water resistant as well. They have fine points but it doesn't take much to get a beautiful effect.

Both the silver and gold showed up very nice against the black paper.

You definitely need a set of these! Get them here

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