Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Well today is a very special day, its my husband's birthday! Birthday's are always the day to celebrate the life of a person and I just want to dedicate this post to the love of my life.

10 Reasons I love him
1. He is ridiculously patient
2. He has a great sense of humor, always knows how to make me smile
3. He is pretty darn handsome! Looks 10 years younger than he is
4. He works hard, at home, at work, at play
5. He has great hygiene, keeps himself shaved and smelling nice
6. He is caring, treats me like a princess
7. He is mentally, emotionally and physically strong
8. He's gentle as a lamb, but still a trained killer.
9. He is a great survivalist. Definitely my first choice for a zombie apocalypse partner!
10. He is one of the most unselfish people I know. He would give you the shirt off his back.
So, a little history on the hubs. (Since this is a public blog I don't want to reveal too much personal info) Basically, around 6 years ago he came home from the war in Iraq to find he had been stripped away of his things, his money and his beautiful children. After coming back from a place where bullets whizzed past your head, people got blown up in front of you and you faced extreme danger every day, only to find you had nothing left...many men would have taken their life. But my husband held on. He stayed alive and sane to be there for his children. If he was gone who would fight for them? I met him a short while later and we fell in love. I am so blessed to have him as mine!
It's not always easy having a blended family, his 4 boys, my girl and our daughter together. There are many challenges, but many joys also. I'm glad to have such a perfect mate by my side as we progress through this journey together. Occasionally, after all the bills are paid for the month we barely have enough food. I've seen him skip meals just so the kids could have full bellies. How many men would do that for their children? Not many. He (and we) continue to fight for our children, meeting near impossible challenges head on. We don't do only free things, don't go on vacations, don't buy anything but necessities but eventually it will be worth it.
Our oldest, Bryan has been with us since we met. He went through some troubled teen years but with Steven's love, guidance and support he made it through high school, got a job and is heading off to Marine Corps boot camp in the near future. All our boys consider Steven their hero, and that makes my heart swell with pride.

Recently, someone called my husband a coward. Of course he just brushed it off, like the easy-going man he is. I on the other hand was infuriated. How could someone call my husband a coward? He has been through wars and seen and experienced things very few people could even imagine. There is not a cowardly bone in his body. But then I got to thinking. This person is just calling names because they are so dissatisfied with their own life and so jealous of the great man Steven is. This person has accomplished nothing in their life, lives off of several baby's daddy's child support checks, collects welfare, lives rent free and has contributed nothing to their family. This person has never had to work, been handed everything on a silver spoon, or played the victim enough to get what they wanted. I then had to just laugh at the accusation. It was just too silly, they wouldn't last an hour in bootcamp, even airforce bootcamp (haha can you tell I'm a Marine brat?) let alone set foot in a combat zone without running home with their tail tucked behind them crying for mommy.
Anyway, I kind of went off on a rabbit trail there. My point being that Steven is one of the greatest people I know and I can't wait until the day where I have enough money to buy him all the nice things he deserves.
Happy Birthday my love, and here's hoping to many more!

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  1. Liz!:) You're family seems sweet and you have a wonderful man in your life! Love how verbal you love him:) I never realized you had a blog...I'm a personal life blogger too!