Friday, September 27, 2013

Bridal Shoot

Last week I go to do a really cool and fun photo shoot with a photographer friend of mine. The hubby and I had planned to have a big wedding with lots of family and friends. But we just couldn't seem to save up enough money for it. We ended up having a courthouse wedding in July of last year. It was super short and kind of silly but still sweet because we had all our kids there. We thought about having a big wedding later on and I even found my wedding dress. After lots of deliberation we decide to save the little money we had set aside for a big, fun honeymoon instead. But I still didn't want to just get rid of my dress, it was so freaking pretty! The first wedding anniversary is supposed to be a paper object. Steven gave me a framed love letter/poem. It was so sweet! I was kind of at a loss of what to do but then I got with my photographer friend and we decided to do a bridal shoot. That way I could still have pics in my gorgeous dress, and pictures are technically paper right? So I decided that was my anniversary gift to the hubby.

It was a really fun shoot, I felt so pretty and girly. I did my nails in silver and black skulls (because I'm a rebel like that lol) Since we are both photographers, she gave me all the pics so I could edit some how I liked and she decided to edit some her way too. It was a fun combination. Did I mention she got in the newspaper for best business of our town? Very cool award and I'm pretty lucky to have worked with her. I'm so excited with how the pics came out, they are stunning! (I did a few pics just for hubby's eyes too hehe!)

The pictures have been condensed for uploading so they lost some of the sharpness and clarity but you can still see how well they turned out. Click on the picture for it to expand.

 Can I say again how much I love my dress? It's classy and elegant, yet form fitting, shows off my curves and drop dead sexy!

 My favourite part about this one is that I almost look tall. Would you guess I'm only 5 feet?

 I like this one, it's a real smile not a fake one. I was having a hard time smiling and not looking fake haha! (O and I love my white straight teeth...glad they don't look like a certain someone's meth teeth haha!)
Stephenie said this looks like it came out of a glamor magazine
Look how cool the back is on my dress! I am so in love with it!
This is a tame one, but it's kind of boudoir-ish...I can't show the others in public, hubby's eyes only ;)

This is one Stephenie edited. It looks so vintage and cool. So classy with a hint of edgy, love it! I am so grateful to have been able to work with an awesome photographer. Thank you Stephenie!

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  1. These photos are beautiful. You look very happy. I hope you have a wonderful belated honeymoon. :)