Monday, September 30, 2013

Fashion Faux Pas #1-Crocks

Ok so Friday I've decided to do a section called "Fashion Faux Pas." Some of it will be helpful tips but it will mostly be funny, ridiculous outfits and such people decide to wear. Hey, everyone needs a good laugh on a Friday! And if you happen to wear an article of clothing I mention that is ridiculous don't be's all in good fun!

So first I want to blog about Crocks. Not many people even like crocks. At least not the 16-30 year olds.

Lots of Grandma's like them, and they are good for old people to reduce the likelihood of slipping and falling. But if you aren't a way you should be caught dead in them. Ok, ok yeah they are supposedly comfortable to wear but with all those holes, can you imagine the foot order reeking out? That is what they make comfortable, breathable running shoes duh!

Ok I admit it, I do have crock like shoes for my girls. I said crock "like" shoes. They are rubber and easy to get on and off, no Velcro or ties. But you know what? That's ok. They are are 3 and 5. Not a full grown woman in her late 40s. 

So you know what you need to do with these disgusting, fashion betraying crock like wanna bes? Take the and feed the to the gators! Unless of course you want to resemble an old grandma or a kindergarten student. Looks wise you could pass as a grandma but brainwise they would put you right in K-5! Haha!

Moral of the story? Don't wear crocks, crock wanna-bes or crock look alikes. Your rank on the fashion scale with instantly plummet.d

So what are your impressions of crocks?

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  1. Nice photos, I love the one with the monkey and the Crocodile eating the crocs! nice memes! Love it!