Saturday, October 6, 2012

Loving my Marine

I just wanted to share with yall a sweet prose my hubby wrote to me. He wrote this while he was away training for a few months this past spring. I love my Marine so much and can't brag on him enough :)

A Peaceful Breath

 My mind went wandering a bit as I woke up early before reveille today. It left the usual war pondering and strategizing on tactics, to venture briefly toward a longing thought. My mind was ready for a brief moment of relaxation before I started the day. It was ready for a chance to take off the flak jacket and caviler that protected me, in order to be vulnerable and allow myself to breathe. This morning my mind searched to find a memory of what attracts love felt so deeply inside.
Deep in thought, my mind reminisces toward what seemed to be the memories that affect all five senses. The thoughts that I search through remind me of my humanity, they are uniquely flavorful and special to me. They are the ones so powerfully felt that, when thought upon, take charge and serge all over my skin in turn warming the very depths of my soul. They are the few memories which embrace my heart, comforting me at all times. The very first thing on my mind today was you…..
Your Marine

P.S. Give the girls a hug from me, I’ll be home soon

Aww he is truly my soulmate. I am so blessed to have found such an amazing person.

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