Friday, October 12, 2012

Organizing the Medicine Cabinet

You may have noticed a new section on my blog titled "Organizing". Organizing is a passion of mine and I thrive in an organized, uncluttered environment. I will be posting organizing tips and showing you how I organized sections of my home.

For my first organizing post, I organized my medicine cabinet.

This cabinet has given me a headache for a while. Everything is sort of thrown in there and its hard to see what we have.

I took our trial size packs and loose pills and put them in a small container.

I organized the top shelf with supplements on the left and outdoor things on the right. I made labels for the shelf as well.

On the bottom shelf I took a large desk organizer for kids meds and two small pencil organizers for adult meds and first aid.

And there you go, so much neater!

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