Saturday, September 15, 2012

Update and Cute Girls

Yay! So happy to have my blog back! If you have viewed my blog, you may have seen some kind of messege that my blog was gone or locked. Unfortunately someone reported me and the website locked my blog until they could review it. Obviously I have violated no terms, someone was just out to get me. All my comments also got deleted :( I have a pretty good idea who it was, but there really is nothing I can do except forgive them, pray for them and move on. Anyway, I'm happy to be blogging again!

Last night we took the girls to thier first movie. It was "Finding Nemo" in 3D. They were sooo excited! I think I was just as excited to share this experience with them. We got some popcorn to share, and the girls each got a fruit snack. Haley (2) enjoyed the movie but I think we will wait a while before we take her again. I had to take her pee 3 times! She is not quite old enough to sit through a whole movie without getting distracted. Serenity (4) on the other hand loved every minute of it. When she first put on her 3D glasses, she leaned back in her seat really fast thinking something was going to hit her. At the scary shark part she took her glasses off and wouldn't put them on again until it was over. The whole experience was pretty comical, but we all had fun.

My girls are getting so big and independant now! I took Haley to pick out some panties, so we could work on potty training. She chose "Dora" panties, her favorite show. We worked on potty training last week and she has just done so well! She is completely potty trained during the day. No more diapers in our house! (Just overnight pull ups) Yay! Aww its kind of bittersweet actually. They are growing too fast!

Both my girls have such sassy attitudes o my goodness! Last week Serenity was going around saying "whatever" all the time. I had to nip that in the bud. Haley's favorite word lately is "No". We will be getting ready to go somewhere and she will say "NO. I'm NOT going to the grocery store, I'm STAYING here." And she will "Hmph" and cross her arms. Her other favorite saying is "This is ridiculous!"
ME: Haley please pick up your toys and put them in your room.
HALEY: This is ridiculous!
Coming from a 2 year old it sounds absolutely hilarious.Where do they come up with this stuff? Its terrible but sometimes I have to leave the room, laugh my butt off, and then come back and deliver spankings. Another time Serenity asked to go by McDonalds and I explained to her that we only have McDonalds every once in a while. If we eat it every day it will make us fat and sick. So that night at dinner, she refuses to eat her vegetables and explains she can't eat them because she will get fat. O boy. I have my work cut out for me every day, but it is such a joy raising these girls.

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