Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 11th

Yesterday was September 11th. I remember where I was on that sad day in 2001. I was still too young to fully understand the impact it had on our country. Now, years later, I feel like we have forgotten too soon the lives lost and sacrifices made. I think we have also lost the sense of patriotism and empathy we felt that day. When I got on my facebook yesterday morning, I saw lots of memorial photos. I posted one as well, but then I got to thinking, "What else can I do to observe this day and pay tribute to the thousands that lost thier lives?" Its easy to just share a photo, but does it really make an impact? I decided to take some things to our local heroes; policemen, firefighters and paramedics. The girls and I made cookies and thank you cards, tied them up with red, white, and blue ribbon and delivered them to the fire and police station. The girls loved seeing the firetrucks and they got to tour the firehouse. I was blessed to see the smiles on these special men and women's faces. You don't really realize how much they do for the community, and I don't think they get enough credit for the stellar work they do. This is going to be a new tradition in our house!

Afterwards, we helped our community by picking up trash at our local playground. Of course we stopped to play for a while!

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