Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Electric Run

This past weekend we went to this awesome Fun Run 5K. It's called The Electric Run. Last year we did Color Me Rad 5K. This run topped that by infinity! The run is mostly in the dark lit by glowing runners and well placed black lights, rainbow lights, floating lanterns and umbrellas. It was beautiful, trippy and magical all at the same time. The weather was perfect too. I wore my Fila running gear (compression running capris and thermal jacket with thumb holes to keep your hands warm) It was cool but once you started running the temperature was very nice.

Pre-race pics....

Matching glow bracelets...aww

 Haha weirdo husband

I'm a glow fairy!

 I stuck glowsticks in my shoes it was awesome!

Getting his glow on!

 The starting line

 Icicle lights!

 Kissing on the rainbow wall

Kind of a bad pic but this was in the black light cool!

 Glowing trees  and lanterns

Hubs at the end
Me at the end of the race

The race ended in the stadium which was set up like a concert. The DJs were spinning and everyone was dancing. So after running 3.1 miles we danced for 2 hours! My body was hating me the next day but it was sooo worth it! We had the best time and definitely doing it next year!

(Just a note to those people that like to sit on their computer all day and watch everything I post and obsess over everything I say...Just because we went to a rave doesn't mean we drank or did drugs. It was a family friendly event, there were kids there and if you plan on using this in court to say we went and did drugs at a rave you can stop right now and shove it where the sun don't shine)

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