Friday, November 15, 2013

100 Things I'm Thankful For-2nd 20

Here is a continuation of my 100 Things I'm Thankful For. Catch my 1st 20.

21. I'm thankful for our 4bd house in a good neighbourhood. We are a 5 min walk to my daughter's school and there are 5 or 6 girls that all play together with my girls in our cul-de-sac. It's like a kid gang and it's so cut to watch them running around together.

22. Music. It lifts my mood or relaxes me or pumps me up during a workout. I would be so lost without music in my life.

23. I'm thankful my Mom taught me to cook at a young age. I've been experimenting and creating recipes since middle school. Another really good skill to know.

24. Thankful for all the benefits that come with being a military spouse. Free activities, great health and dental care and lots of discounts.

25. Shoes. I'm slightly obsessed. I love all shoes but stilettos and boots really rock my world.

26. Thankful for where we live. Close to the beach for surfing, tanning and beach volleyball and also close to the mountains for snowboarding and tubing.

27. Thankful for great health. My daughters rarely get sick and when they do it's only minor. They pretty much only go to the doctor 1x a year for their yearly check-up.

28. I'm thankful I have the opportunity to go to school. I can't say I love it but in the end my hard work and efforts will pay off. That Bach degree is so close. Who knows maybe I'll get my Masters if I change my mind about law school. (And let me say that going to college full time while working and taking care of 2 kids is hard work. Going to nursing school while mommy and daddy pay all your bills so you don't have to work, collect welfare and child support, let someone else raise your kids and clean your house is not hard work. It's actually pretty pathetic.)

29. Thankful for our military. The Marines especially. I come from a long line of Devil Dogs. My Grandaddy served, my Dad is a pilot in the Marines and my hubby is a badass infantry man in the Marines. (And this week my stepson is entering Marine bootcamp! So proud of him!)

30. My OCD. Well yeah I'm a little thankful for it. It makes me keep a spotless (and I mean spotless, like not even fingerprints on the wall) house. I can't leave dirty stuff around so my house is ready to walk into pretty much anytime. And let me tell you with a messy husband and two messy girls this is no easy task.

31. My involvement in I AM THAT GIRL or IATG. It's kind of like girlscouts for college girls. It's all about empowering girls, supporting each other and making a difference in the world. I love our heartfelt, deep talks.

32. I'm thankful there are groups out there like Fathers 4 Justice, that support fathers, despise alienators and help fight for fathers that are getting screwed over by the system. Father's rights is a cause I've become very involved in and my research has uncovered some shocking stuff about corruption in family court, the out of control Child Support system and Parental Alienation just to name a few.

33. This might be a little conceited but I'm thankful for perfect teeth. Teeth are one of the first things people notice about you and I love being able to grin and not be embarrassed. My husband's grandmother use to say to him "Find a women who can cook and has nice teeth." I think he finally followed her advice when it came to me hehe!

34. Books. Yes I'm thankful for books. As a youngster I read all the time since we weren't allowed to watch tv. I read for school but I mostly read for fun. I went for several years after high school not reading much but this past year I made it my goal to read more. I put Read 100 books on my Day Zero Project Goal list. I've read about 10 books over the past couple months. My husband laughs at me and calls me a nerd since I read so fast. I had almost forgotten how nice it is to get lost in a book!

35. The view from my bedroom windows. We are in a canyon and sort of on top of a ridge, so it looks like we are on top of a mountain kinda. We have this long window in our bedroom, and at night it is breath taking to see all the lights of the city twinkling below us. We don't have any houses behind us so the view is looovely!

36. Chocolate! I'm a total chocoholic! So thankful God created it.

37. Scary movies. I love cuddling up with the husband, turning off all the lights and watching something scary. Afterwards hubby and I try to sneak up on one another and scare each other like kids. He always jumps before I do haha!

38. I'm thankful my husband was able to get a smoker for free. In his divorce the only thing he got besides debt was his grill. It was a nice grill but it finally broke for good about a year ago. Since then we have been oogling over nice grills and dreaming of having a grill/smoker combination. We never had the money to spend on one but a buddy from his work was moving and gave us his grill/smoker. It's the exact one we were dreaming about! A good scrub and a coat of paint has it looking brand new. We cooked some steaks on it for the first time last week and they were sooo yummy! It makes me happy when good things  happen for my husband. He really deserves it.

39. I'm thankful I got to travel a lot as a military brat. We lived in many different states and I got to see so many different places. Some people live in their own little bubble, like being born and then living their whole lives in the same town. I'm glad I got to experience the world and different cultures. Growing up like a gypsy gave me what I think they call "wanderlust". I don't like staying in the same place too long. I want to see the world!

40. And speaking of travel, I'm also thankful for GPS. I am super bad with directions although  I can almost always get back to somewhere I've already been before. Before we got a GPS I would usually end up lost and panicking anytime I went somewhere new.

Well that's all for this round! Feel free to comment below with anything you are thankful for!

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