Wednesday, November 27, 2013

100 Things I'm Thankful For-3rd 20

Ok here is the next set of 20 on my way to 100 things I'm thankful for. There is so much! But let's be honest, 100 things is a pretty lofty goal. Like I said, toward the end some of  these might be slightly superficial.

41. I'm thankful for the Intesrnet. Despite all the bad things that happen online it really is a great tool for research, keeping in tough with the latest news and networking (especially is you have a business or blog!)

42. Cellphones. My cell is a lifesaver! I love to text and it makes it so much easier to stay in contact with people. Caution! Caution! Don't text and drive! So many lives have been lost over a superficial text...don't do it!

43. Netflix. I am thankful for Netflix. We have completely done away with cable to save on our bills. Netflix is only like $16 a month and you get unlimited streaming movies and TV shows, plus check out dvds with no late fees. Late fees have always been killer for me, I'm so forgetful sometimes.

44. I'm thankful for small acts of kindness. When someone does something kind to me I try to pass it on. I've had people pay for my drinks at Starbucks, open doors for me, give up their seat and pay me thoughtful compliments. This one time I got the girls piggy banks at the dollar store and a sweet old lady gave them both a dollar to start off their savings. Stuff like that reminds me that although there are so many liars and cheaters and thieves there are still wonderful people in the world.

45. Haters. Yeah I'm thankful for haters. They drive me to push harder and work better. And of course the saying goes "Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters."

46. I'm thankful for makeup. It boosts self confidence. I love how excited people are over their how they look when I do makeup for a photoshoot. Their happiness makes my day. Plus it's super fun to play around with.

47. Parties. I'm thankful for parties where I get to know and meet new people, chat and usually laugh lots! (And no Holly I don't have crazy, drunk or immoral parties or go to them so STFU)

48. I'm thankful my Hubby knows how to iron. He has to iron all his uniforms and stuff and I hate ironing and I'm horrible at it so we make a great pair.

49. I'm thankful for that stranger you just happen to meet that makes your day one way or another and they might not even realize it. I had someone pass me by on the way to the post office on a particularly stressful day and say "Mam I just wanted to let you know you are the most fiercely gorgeous woman I have ever seen." Fiercely gorgeous? How about that for a compliment. Love it!

50. Physical Therapy. I'm back in PT after a few months off. OMG its painful but I can feel it working already.

51. I am thankful for Passion. I love seeing someone light up when they are talking about something they love whether it be their career, work hobby or children. I'm an extremely passionate person, sometimes bordering on the line of getting me into trouble but I am learning to focus that passion on fighting for injustice and evil in the world. Plus putting that passion into my writing, poetry and art.

52. Red Bulls. I know, I know how bad they are for you but they are my best friend during finals or when I'm working late.

53. The gift of learning. There is so much knowledge in the world, you couldn't learn everything in several lifetimes. I love learning about new topics from psychology to sociology to early child development to criminal justice to law. The list is endless.

54. Family time. I'm thankful to spend time with my family, one of the most precious gifts in the world. Nobody will love you like your family. (At least that is how it should be...some people don't get the importance of family)

55. I'm thankful for the time I get to spend with my boys, though short it may be. Their mom hates us so much that she limits the time they spend with us, but life is so short and time is so precious that in the end it is just plain cruelty. I'm thankful though, that the boys would rather spend quality time with us than go on the lavish vacations that are pretty much forced upon them.

56. Notebooks. I have an obsession with them. I write down so much stuff its crazy.

57. This is more a love thing than a thankful thing but that's about the same. I love how my husband has aged so gracefully. He is constantly mistaken for someone in their 20s. One time this really hot model was his seat mate on a flight to drop the boys off for visitation. When he got off the plane and went to pick up the luggage, the model said "I just have to say, you are a very attractive man." Funny part was she said this right in front of the hubby's ex haha!

58. Ok so this is trivial I know, but I'm thankful for Facebook games. They don't suck you in and force you to spend half your life away on them like World of Warcraft or Everquest. When you need a quick game fix you can play some solitare, candy crush or other short little game. They are my escape from homework occasionally...although they make me procrastinate more than I want to admit.

59. I am thankful for quiet mornings when the girls go out to play, I put on some music, cradle my coffee and get lost in a good book or work on writing another chapter in my own.

60. Thanksgiving! Definitely thankful for this holiday. Family, friends, food, games, laughter and of course I eat the desserts till they come out my ears!

Well that's all for this round! Only one more to go. Catch my previous thankful posts 2nd 20 Thankful Things  1st 20 Thankful Things

Got something you are thankful for? Comment below!

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