Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our Halloween 2013

Oops I'm way behind in posting for Halloween! I actually totally forgot about it, I thought I had already posted about it for some reason haha!

A few days before Halloween we went over to our friends Jesse and Stacy's house. They had a birthday party for their daughter MJ that doubled as a Halloween party also. There were a ton of kids but it was a lot of fun.

The Thompson Family

The outside was decorated really well. They even had a fog machine.

 Snack table
More snacks and MJ's cake.
 Our Family Halloween Pic
(I just noticed it looks like I have 3 arms in this pic. Weird!)
 I did Steven's costume for the most part. I think I did a pretty good job hehe! He looks scary!
 This kid was already into the candy.

Haley, Serenity and the Thompson's daughter Luz. They are good friends.
 Jesse and my hubby
 These 2 are too hilarious for words!

All the kids at the party. Some of them had some awesome costumes. Like Lego man to the left.
 Fast forward a few days and Halloween night we took the girls trick-or-treating. We went early so we could come back and give out candy for a little while. (Of course going out early gets you the best candy and people give out more since they aren't close to running out yet. Hehe! Write that down in the book of Halloween knowledge) Plus of course we like to be at our house when its dark. We play loud, creepy Halloween music and dubstep and set out strobe lights. It's super fun scaring little kids!

 Even Chloe got to wear a costume. Look at that face, is it not the cutest!!

I picked this sweater out kind of as a joke, I didn't think Steven would let me dress up the dog so girly. But surprisingly he loved it! He likes to act tough, but I think it's cute how he spoils the dog.

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