Monday, November 12, 2012

The Marine Corps Ball 2012

This past weekend the hubby and I attended the Ball celebrating the 237th anniversary of the Marine Corp. We had a fantastic time!
All dressed up! I got this dress on ebay from a store called Patty's Boutique. It's a store based in China and while I try to buy American as much as I can, I just couldn't pass up the price for this one. $30! Insane. I was suprised at the quality, it was really decent for the price I paid. Really love this dress! I wore it last year as well, but I doubt anyone noticed lol.

The back of the dress. I did my hair myself. It was very simple, just curled it and then pulled the top section back into a little clip.
My shoes I also got off Ebay. The brand is Pleaser. I love Pleaser they make some killer heels and have great prices. I've had these for several years now, so I'm not sure exactly what I paid for them.

My bracelet I also got off Ebay for $2. It was a new without tags item so not sure on the brand. Can you tell I love Ebay?
I spent hours on my nails...haha just kidding! I used an awesome product I was testing out.
They are actually stickers. You put them on the nail and simply cut off the excess. Here is a Link for more info on them.
Finally got Steven to smile..well sort of. So proud of my handsome Marine!
We drove down to the Hyatt in Savannah where the ball was being held. I love Savannah but absolutely hate driving downtown. There is always construction, too much traffic and weird one-way roads. We got to the Hyatt and hung out with some friends for a bit in thier room.

Then we hit Cocktail hour and mingled and chatted a while before finding our table.

Our meal started off with a light salad and ranch dressing.
Next we had a chicken dish with roast beef, asparagus and risotto topped with roasted red pepper and caramelized onions. The roast beef was delicious and so tender.

Dessert was cheesecake with some giant blackberries. It was delicious and creamy!

After dinner there was dancing, dancing and more dancing! My feet still hurt! I kinda wish they would have some ballroom dancing like a waltz or something. Even though I don't know how, it would be fun to learn. Its so elegant. Overall we had a fabulous time!

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