Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Am THAT Girl

There is a really neat organization that is fairly new. It's almost like Girl Scouts for college girls.

This is their mission statement....


 I AM THAT GIRL is a global movement inspiring girls to  BE, LOVE, and EXPRESS who they are through education, content, and community.
I have gotten involved with the local San Diego chapter of the organization and it has been ahhmaazing! I've met a bunch of great girls who are all focused on building each other up.
So what do they do?


Our local + digital community, premium, curated and user generated content, and targeted education-based programs all address the emotional, mental and physical well-being of girls.
COMMUNITY: We build online and offline community to give girls a safe space to DISCOVER, BE and EXPRESS who she is. 
CONTENT: Media is the most powerful tool to influence how a girl defines herself. We CREATE, CURATE, and ADVOCATE for premium and user-generated content for various distribution channels to inspire healthy conversations and honest perspectives.
EDUCATION: We are providing tangible tools and resources with an interactive curriculum to teach girls emotional intelligence, professional skills and personal development. 
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I've only been to 2 meetings so far, but I'm super excited to see what the next meetings bring. My sister actually came with me to the last meeting which was really cool <3
Badass Girls!
Are you a college girl living in San Diego? Come to our next meeting! If you live somewhere else, look for a local chapter to get involved in, or you might even be able to start your own!

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