Friday, October 18, 2013

Fashion Faux Pas-Bad Lipliner

So this Friday's Fashion Faux Pas is bad lip liner. Technically lip liner isn't really necessary if you have a lipstick or gloss that looks great on you. To be honest there really isn't a reason to even wear lip liner. I don't wear it, it looks fake and tacky to me. Don't get me wrong though, some people can pull it off, and a lot of makeup artists will use it and make it look great.

1. Don't ever use black lip liner! Even if you are African American, don't use it! As you can tell in the big pic to the left it looks like she took a pencil to her mouth. The two pictures to the right are just like whaaaat? Someone take that sharpie away from them please! The middle top pic is better, at least the colors are closer but you can still tell the difference in lip liner and lipstick. One word. Clown. The bottom middle is closer in color as well, but that is just a bad color to begin with. Unless it is Halloween, you want to go for as natural a look as possible. Too much or outrageous makeup just screams insecurity, trying too hard or sometimes just plain ignorance.
If you HAVE to use lip liner the key is blend, blend, blend. There should be a seamless transition from lip liner to lipstick.
This is very pretty and natural.
This is also very tasteful. A little spicy with a darker shade of red but still not over the top. And no crazy lip liner lines!

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