Friday, October 4, 2013

Another Fashion Faux-Pas Friday!

Hehe this is fun! I love doing Fashion Faux Pas. You can find some good ones on (Disclaimer: All photos were taken from the internet, non-watermarked and are public domain which means they can be edited however the user sees fit.)

Here is the first one I like to call "Mom" jeans. It's those jeans or super long shorts or crazy looking capris that make you look like you have thunder thighs and were born in the 50s. But hey they are so comfy its ok right? Um No! It is not ok and "mom" jeans are never ok! I don't care how old you are or how many kids you have.

Take the first left pic, the jeans are too loose and baggy, probably very comfortable but they add about 25 lbs. Bottom left are just ugh. The waist is too high giving the impression of a huuuuge muffin top. And a camel toe. Straight legs just don't look good on short people. And by short I mean under 6 feet. It makes you look shorter and fatter. The bottom right...what are those things...shorts? They are almost long enough to be capri's but I see some knee there. (O and another tip, if your knees look white and you are not a panda bear, put some lotion on those suckers. When you make WHITE people look ashy its bad, real bad.) Back to those short things. They are super loose around the thigh making already huge thighs look gigantic. No thunder thighs here, more like hurricane thighs lol!

Ok here are some more no, nos! Left-I mean what are those things? Capris? Whatever they are they make that person look fat. Next top image-First find some pants that fit, I'll all about big butts but don't let it hang out and definitely don't let everyone know you have Child Support Tattooed across your ass. It just screams "lazy, jobless, pathetic mom who probably spends her kids support money on tats, alcohol and weed. Under that-Now I have nothing against skinny people. I'm skinny and people tell me to eat a burger all the time. Some people are born skinny and no matter what they do they can't gain weight. And that's ok. But there is a thing called a belt hellooo! Next top right-If your pants are too tight they are going to push up all that fat and create a "muffin top". And wear a decent shirt, nobody likes rolls with their muffins. And last but not least-I admire a nice bubble butt as much as the next person but when its literally hanging out the bottom...well you have to draw the line somewhere.

Now this is how to wear some jeans! You have a whole row in the first pic. They are not all the same type of jean, different jeans fit different bodies better. The backs are tight enough around the but to show she is a woman but loose enough in other areas to show she is a class woman. No thunder thighs, no ass cracks, no tramp stamps. Lovely. The second pic is hard to see but when I was putting this together I came across this and thought is was pretty. And last but not least, my jeans. I think I did a decent job, nice bubble but without a muffin top and loose enough keep'em guessing right?

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