Friday, October 25, 2013

The Girls Bathroom-Reveal!

We now have the girl's bathroom done up so cute! We are in a place where we can't paint, otherwise we would have painted the bathroom pink and green. But it still is adorable. The only thing left to do is add a thing or two to the wall. I'm thinking of doing a painting or art project. Or maybe even have the girls make a collage of pictures they have done. I saw something like that on Pinterest and I'm dying to try it.

We went for an owl theme for the upstairs bathroom that will be shared by both the girls and my stepsons when they stay. My husband had a pretty big hand in picking out the theme but shhh! he probably doesn't want anyone to know he is a great interior designer. So we have an owl soap dispenser. I'm big on washing hands in my house, it cuts down majorly on sickness. We also got them an owl toothbrush holder. Plenty of room for the boy's toothbrushes too.

Then we have a pair of hand towels above the toilet. I think above the towel rack is where I'm going to put some artwork. You can't see but the trashcan beside the toilet is an owl theme too.

Owl towels, owl bathmat and owl shower curtain! The pics make the bathroom look pretty small but it's actually a decent size. The ground is tile which I love, so easy to clean. I seriously looove this bathroom! The girls do too, and I can't wait for the boys to see it as well.

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  1. The bathroom is so cute. Since my daughter was born, we always had ours in froggy themed {since it was her nursery bathroom and matched the nursery decor}. We've been using it ever since. But this fall, she wanted us to change it up. So its all Monster High now!