Friday, February 8, 2013

Damask Bulletin Board Redo

I'm doing my office/craft room in blue and damask. I may or may not be slightly obsessed with damask lately. I was going to sell this bulletin board we had because it didn't really go with any of our decor. I also wanted to get a classy idea/brainstorming board for the office. Instead of spending money on a brand new board I took the old one and re-vamped it. I seriously love how it turned out!

I first taped off the cork area with painter's tape. Then I repainted the border a glossy black. Next I took damask fabric and stapled it. If you do a project similar to this make sure you staple the fabric to the wood and not the cork (it will pull right out) Also make sure to use a heavy duty stapler like an upholstry stapler for best results.

This is what I started with...cute but too boyish.
Taping off
Looks way different right? I loooove it!

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