Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Fashion Faux Pas-Bad Dye Jobs

Today on Friday Fashion Faux Pas we will discuss bad hair dye jobs. I'm sure everyone has had a bad dye job as one point or another. The best advice I can give is to get it done by a professional!

I got wild one time and decided to do some blue streaks in my hair. Don't ever use this stuff, "Manic Panic". It looks terrible. I'd post a pic but I got it fixed like the day after I did it. I love, love, love unique colors and out of the norm hair styles and colors though. I usually only get my hair done once a year because it is so expensive.

One thing that is super, super tacky and gross is a half done hair dye job. The above is a thinning, stringy, greasy mess. If your hair is going grey, dye it until it is all grey. Don't leave all half grey and half a weird color. Gross.
Blue streaks on greyish hair? Never do this.
This might look ok if the whole hair was done in pink. It's not a bad color for her complexion. But this half and half stuff is ridiculous.
And spotty purple everywhere? Yeah please don't ever do this. U-G-L-Y!

This, for example is a lovely do for an older lady. The hair looks healthy and well taken care of. Even though it is short it doesn't look like she is losing her hair. Nicely done!

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  1. Totally not a fan of the skunk look! I remember in junior high when girls would die the tips of their hair like pink, blue... etc. And who hasn't had a bad dye job in their life? If someone says they haven't, I'm gonna go ahead and assume they are lying! :)