Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013 Recap

We had a great Christmas this year! We got the boys for Christmas which made it extra special.

Hubby and the boys made a big wooden dollhouse for the girls. They had so much fun doing woodworking with their dad. It's not completely ready, they did the woodwork and now it's my turn to paint it and create the furniture, carpets and curtains for it. I'm pretty excited to work on this project.

My youngest stepson's birthday is on Christmas eve so we celebrated it with cake and ice cream.

I made sugar cookies with the younger 3 kids on Christmas Eve. They had so much fun cutting out shapes.

After we baked the cookies and they cooled, we frosted them with frosting, sprinkles and candies.
My Serenity is so funny, she wanted to write a note to Santa and leave cookies for him. I've never told her about cookies for Santa so she must have read about it in a book or something haha! She wrote this note all by herself, pretty smart for a 5 year old!
Here is a little collage of the kid's pics. I did it in the dark with white lights. I think they turned out super cool!
We spent Christmas morning opening presents and spending time together. I made monkey bread and cinnamon rolls and we went to my parents house in the afternoon. We spent the rest of the day riding bikes and scooters, playing football, baseball, bocchi ball and cornhole. The boys had plenty of kids to play with since I have 6 brothers! It was a wonderful time and the kids passed out right away when we got home.
Day after Christmas the boys had to go home. It's always a sad time. The girls cry and Aaron busted into tears too. After they left it was too quiet. It always hurts me seeing everyone so sad. Makes me want to fix everything.
This is a pretty cool pic. The first one was taken Christmas of 2009. It was my first Christmas with the boys. The second pic was taken this year 2013. 5 years difference! It's amazing how big the kids have gotten. Plus a new dog and 2 new sisters!
Hope my readers all had a Fantastic Christmas!!

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