Monday, April 22, 2013

Serenity's Tangled Party

My beautiful little Serenity turned 5 last week! It took me quite a while to plan her party, but it turned out awesome and she had a great time.
I got her a Tangled shirt to wear for the party. Isn't she pretty!?
 I had a table laid out with a poster for each girl. There were crayons and markers to make art like Rapunzel did in the movie. They also got a foam wand to decorate with glitter shapes.

I made each girl a long braid from yellow yarn and glued it to a headband.
This was our marvelous food table!
I handpainted a cardboard sign to be like the "Snuggly Duckling" on the movie. I cut the duck out of paper but painted the rest.
I made cupcakes and dyed the frosting green. I added a fake purple flower on top. The stand was also handmade from cardboard, styrofoam rounds and purple wrapping paper.
 I made jello boats from blue jello, half a mandarin orange and a toothpick with a purple flag.

We also had chips and dip, meats and cheese and fruit all served in frying pans. Notice the golden flower in the back? Yep got that in there too. (If you have seen the movie Tangled you will get the significance of it haha) I made brownie cake pops as well. I stuck them in styrofoam floral blocks covered in purple wrapping paper.
One of the games we did was pick a duck from the tub. If you got the duck with an X you got a prize!
We also played "Throw pascal in the pan". The girls threw rubber lizards into a frying pan.
This was our present table. I made the tower in the back from a pringles can, paper, yarn and fake moss. I wish I had gotten a better pic of it, it was a pain to make but turned out really cool!

I love her face, she was so excited about everything!
And here is the masterpiece tower my hubby and I made. He constructed it out of cardboard and I painted it and attached flowers and yarn hair.

Fun times!


  1. What a nice party! Your decorations and table stuff is all so creative. Serenity looks like she had a great time, what a pretty little girl.

  2. My niece would love this party! Rapunzel is her favorite princess.

  3. Love your tower and what a great idea. Was it difficult to make and how did you create it?