Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April T.O.Y Box

I sent out my April, Thinking of You (T.O.Y) box! This month's theme was De-stress. It's been a stressful, overwhelming and sad month for a lot of us. And although a box of stuff can't bring back loved ones, or stay on hold with Tricare for an hour for you hopefully it brightens someone's day and takes thier mind off of things for a while.

Here is what I sent to my match:

I found this cute card that said "Thinking of You" on the front. How appropriate right?
-An eye mask to shut out the world for a bit
-A pair of headphones to listen to some calming music
-A notebook (it always helps me calm down if I organize and write a to-do list)
- A bag of snacks. This is a dried fruit and nut blend with antioxidants. Being stressed out can take a toll on your immune system so it's good to keep up with those vitamins and nutrients.
-A list on how to DIY facial
-Candles. (I always find candles to be theraputic)
-Chamomile tea (scientifically proven to calm nerves)

Also a bottle of my homemade peppermint massage oil. I made it from sunflower oil and olive oil, peppermint and rosemary extract. (A trick in sending liquids in the mail or even for travel is to place a piece of plastic wrap over the bottle and then screw on the lid. I also ziplock bagged it for extra protection)

Are you a military wife and would like to recieve a box like this? Or maybe you are looking to do something sweet for a military family? Find out more about the T.O.Y Box project over at
 Kelly Mae's Blog There is still time to sign up for May!

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  1. You are so creative with your packages!! Thank you for being so involved!