Monday, August 27, 2012

12 chores for Toddlers&Preschoolers

I think its very important to instill a good work ethic in our kids when they are young. My littles (2) and (4) help out around the house and they have since they could walk. I've found several good little chores for thier age.

1. Unload dishes. My toddler unloads the silverware, its a good matching game for her and promotes eye-hand coordination. My preschooler takes all the dishes out and puts them in the cabinets or on the counter if she can't reach.

2. Wash dishes. Fill the sink up with soap and water, kids will have fun playing in the bubbles.

3. Dust. Put socks on the thier hands and let them go at it.

4. Organize shoes. We have shoe rack by our door and I have the girls match the shoes up and put them neatly on the rack.

5. Set the table. Simple enough.

6. Clear table.

7. Water plants outside. Boys love to water plants with squirt guns!
7. Clean baseboards with wet rag.
8. Clean spots off the floor.
9. Fold laundry. My girls fold thier clothes and washcloths, because they are smaller and easier to handle.
10. Sort laundry. You can turn this into a color matching game.
11. If you have kid sized cleaning tools like a broom or mop, use them! 

12. Fill an empty spray bottle with vinager and water. Kids can spray cabinets, walls, doors, floors and then wipe them down. The vinager deodorizes and is safe for almost every surface. It's also nontoxic and won't hurt thier skin.

Don't forget to praise your kiddos and make a big deal over what a great job they are doing!

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