Sunday, August 19, 2012

Handmade Gift Tags and Cards

Since we are on a very tight budget, I always look for ways to reuse everything. Even free magazines we get in the mail! In another post (coming soon!) I'll give you 10 ways to reuse old magazines.

This is a fun, easy and cheap way to make gift tags and cards. You can make these to use as gift tags, give them as gifts, or write a note to someone.

You will need:
Glue stick
Construction paper or cardstock
Magazine pictures

1. Take your magazines and cut out pictures you think are cute. I like to use landscapes, animals, patterns.

2. Take a piece of construction paper and fold in half. Place picture on the folded paper and cut around it. Use paper colors that compliment the picture. Should look something like this.

3. Glue picture in the center of the cut out card. Gluesticks work best since magazine paper is thin and will bubble if liquid glue is used.


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