Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Girls Room-Reveal!

I am very excited about this post!! I have been working on organizing and remodeling my girl's room for about 2 months now. It was sort of stop and go, I had to search high and low for each piece of furniture. Everything had to be not only what I envisioned in my head but in my price range (of like $5 lol). It finally all came together! I debated revealing it since I'm a perfectionist and in my mind it isn't quite PERFECT yet. But it is at a place where I can be comfortable with it, and if I waited until it was perfect I would never post this. So without further ado.....

This is what I started with. The walls were an ugly mint green when we moved in. We had bunk beds that were donated to us a long time ago.

There were a few wire racks in the closet and two mirror doors. We took one mirror door off to create more space. (Its a pretty small room)

We turned the bunk beds sideways so to create more of a flow. We put the bookshelf in the awkward corner behind the bed. Of course we painted the walls pink!

My mom and sister made this beautiful bedspread and pillow sham. (Maybe I can get her to do a guest post on how she did it!) It turned out absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much Mom and Kate!

I found this princess castle thing in a storage auction way back when. I kept it for some reason and I'm glad I did. The metal rack came from yardsale. It was a yellowish brass color so I repainted it black.

I'm sure you have seen this toybox before! It was an old green military footlocker Steven had and I remade it. See the process Here. I put all the girl's stuffed animals in the box. The top is also padded to make a bench for reading.

I found some pink Ikea curtains at Goodwill. We put them above the closet to sort of section it off since we removed the doors.

Eventually I think I will redo this section. It's still not "neat" enough for me. But it does look pretty good. I found this wood cube at a yardsale. The 6 tubs on the bottom are from Dollar Tree. I wrapped the middle 3 ones in duct tape. The top 3 boxes are various cardboard boxes covered in duct tape. You can find a tutorial for that Here.

I also found this cube at a yardsale also. There is a bin for undies, a bin for socks and the top 2 bins hold pajamas. The middle right side is Serenity's clothes and the other side is Haley's. This is where I keep their everyday clothes. Their church dresses and outerwear hangs up above.

And finally lets not forget the switch plate. Someone had cut a huge hole when installing the light switch. We had to replace the regular cover with an oversize one to cover the hole.

The total cost for this room makeover was:

Primer (came with the house)
Glidden Paint (Home Depot) $20
Switch Plate (Home Depot) $2
Bedding (present from my Mom)
Bookshelf (Yardsale) $10
Cubes (Yardsale) $40
Duct tape for boxes (Walmart) $6
Tubs (Dollar Tree) $8
Paint for toybox (Home Depot) $3
Fabric for toybox (Ebay) $8
Ikea curtains (Goodwill) $3

$100 Room Makeover!!! Boo yah can't beat that!

So what do you think? Hope this brings some inspiration to my readers! Would love opinions!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Lizzie, you've done a great job with the girls room! Love the bedspread :)