Thursday, December 19, 2013

Things I'm Lovin' Thursday

Today is my first "Things I'm Lovin' Thursday"! I've seen this done similar to mine on different days, and some bloggers have like a Rant and Rave once a week or once a month.

Personally, I looove seeing what other bloggers are using, wearing, eating and doing. I find cool new stuff to try when they do posts like this.

Instead of doing a rant&rave I want to keep it positive so it will be a bunch of stuff I love. But because I am Irish and there is always something that pisses me off and that I need to get off my chest, I will have 1 and only 1 thing I'm NOT loving. Hopefully, it will help you all stay away from bad products. Or something like that lol! Feel free to comment about anything I post.

Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer

Mmmm so good! They only sell this Peppermint Mocha and the Pumpkin Spiced Latte right around the holidays. They will  be gone by beginning of January...its o so sad.

Skull Candy Ear Buds

I always have my headphones on me, so people are always asking to borrow them but I never seem to get them back, or they magically break and it gets blamed on the dog. So hubby gave me one of my presents early-skullcandy earbuds. These earbuds are the best I have ever used, even use them as earplups when I don't want to listen to sometjing. And since they are pink, I only have to fight the girls from stealing them haha!

Heat back pad

This is almost exactly like my back pad. I got it to use as I'm in physical theapy. It has a heat setting and a vibration setting. The heat setting is really nice, particularly on a cold morning, or after  hard PT session.

 Savory Chick Noodle Soup

For a few days I there I thought we might be getting winter weather. I made red chili, white chili, soups ect. I really love my recipe  for Chicken Noodle ! Check out the Food tab to see the recepe

Something I'm NOT lovin'....

Ok so this is our kids stepdad. I have nothing against him, he seems like nice guy other than clearly not wearing the pants in the relationship. What makes me mad though is all these pictures were taken from his Facebook. So what you say? I have nothing against beer  or drinking wine or beer, it's not that. There are 2 things wrong with this situation.
1. The biggest issue is that neither the ex or her husband works and the only income they have is the child support we pay her. They get food stamps, but you can't buy alcohol with food stamps. So what is paying for the alcohol? The child support money. When you use child support which is supposed to be for the kids clothes, food, toys, medical and educational expenses, to buy alcohol there is a huge, huge, huge problem with that. It's just not right.
2. The second issue is that the ex gave my hubby and I a super hard time about us occasionally having a drink. She made a big fuss over alcohol in court and wanted it written that neither of us would consume any alcohol while the kids were in our care. We both agreed to it because, ya know, not a big deal. I think its a double standard though...and I have a huge problem with double standards.

Well that's my 1 pet peeve/rant for this week, I feel a lot better. Tune in tomorrow for Fashion Faux Pas Friday!

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