Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friday Fashion Faux Pas-Bad Bangs

For this Friday's Fashion Faux Pas we are going to be laughing at bad bangs.

Wow here are some bad, bad bangs. If you can call them that. First pic is like a mullet or something. The bangs aren't even distinguishable from the rest of the hair. The top two have a super bad dye job. Who dyes their bangs? For some reason macaroni and cheese comes to mind. The bottom girl needs her bangs trimmed. They should be side swept or short enough to be bangs. And the last chicks bangs are awful because they are cut straight across. Such a straight across cut makes her hair look like a wig.

Here we go. These are so much better. The first picture is cut straight across but there is shape to the bangs and they are not in her eyes. The top pic is a gorgeous example of side swept bangs. They are very nicely blended into the rest of her hair. And the last pic is a pretty good example of a good side swept bang. It's me of course so I'm a little critical, I think they need to be blended in just a tad bit more but otherwise perfection!

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