Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quick Recap

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! We made it to my parents house for Christmas, and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately we were all pretty sick, but now everyone except me seems to be doing better. This cold/flu just seems to be hanging on. I've just been so exhausted, taking care of everyone, I think it hit me the hardest.

Here's a quick recap of our adventures so far...

We went bowling before we left SC. $1 games and shoe rentals, heck yeah!

Serenity really has a competitive streak. She would do a dance every time she threw the ball!

We finally got on the road and things went pretty smoothly after that. We picked up a Geocache in each state, and saw some pretty neat dinosaur statues in Arizona.

We arrived at my parents house in plenty of time for Christmas. Steven and I were able to spend a few nights alone at the Marriot. I loooved the shower, it had 3 different shower heads.

Christmas was lovely, and it was so, so good to see my family again. My siblings have really grown up.

My mom's parents were able to join us for Christmas, which was really special. Christmas brunch was delicious and consisted of fruit salad, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon bread and egg and sausage casserole. My brother is fantastic cook, and made the cinnamon rolls from scratch.

After Christmas we drove to Steve's parents, and have been relaxing since then. Tomorrow we get to pick up our boys, so excited! We have some fun stuff planned :)

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