Monday, May 20, 2013

Marine Corps Mess Night-Blue lace bandage dress

It's been a while since I've blogged! We have been going through a lot (more on that later) and I've had a ton of stuff to catch up on.

This past weekend we went to whats called "Mess Night" or "Dining In". It's a tradition in the Marine Corps thats basically a summer ball but different and more formal. It is a dinner for Officers and Staff NCO's. (Non commissioned officers for those of you that don't know Marine lingo) There is a period during dinner where the floor is opened for "fines". Someone asks the President of the mess to fine so and so for doing such and such. They actually get fined but its more comical than real. For example this one Marine was fined $5 and made to carry a water pistol around the whole evening because he didn't do something correctly on the firing range last week. After dinner and fines, there are a bunch of toasts to Marines, Navy Corpsmen, Vietnam veterans ect. ect. It was an interesting evening for sure, comical but it was a bit tedious towards the end. Hubby and I were just glad to get back to our hotel room and crash.

Aww look at us!
There is nothing like the feeling of pride you get when you walk beside your Marine in his dress uniform. Definitely the sharpest uniform in the military (but then I'm a little biased haha) Ok so maybe I'm a little concieted but I think every Marine wife can identify with how you just love, love the way your Marine turns heads walking along in his uniform so handsome, proud and dignified. And I'm just like yep, look all you want ladies and gents thats MY man!
And here is my outfit for the night.
(Don't mind the pole sticking out of my head, my husband is not a good photographer)

 A better look at the dress.

 My silver heels
I wore a Blue Lace Bandage dress-Charlotte Russe
Silver heels-Got at a shop back in SC. Not sure of the brand
Blue nails-Claires nail polish
French Manicured toenails-done myself with a Sally Hanson kit
Silver and diamond necklace-Claires clearance rack
Diamond bracelet-(yes its fake lol) Ebay via China somewhere
Hair-I forgot my curling iron and with the heat my hair would NOT stay straight despite a flat iron. So yes its a bit messy but now you get to see how thick, wavy and untamable it is haha!

Saturday we went over to my parents house to pick up the girls and spend some time with my family. It was a really nice visit. Sunday we pretty much did nothing and just caught up on sleep and recharged from a week of stress and crazyness.

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  1. You both look terrific! Your dress is gorgeous and it looks great on you. I'm glad you had a nice night. :)