Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kid's Handprint Keepsake Project

A few times a month I hold a craft club at my house. Moms and thier kids come over and do a themed craft and have playtime and snack. I have really enjoyed it, and had the opportunity to meet some awesome people. The girls get so excited when I tell them its craft day, its almost like a party for them. Today we had a Mother's Day theme.

We painted pots and each child got to take a packet of seeds home as well. (Makes a great gift for a mom or grandma)

We also did a fun keepsake project. I had the girls put thier handprints on paper and then I also wrote out this poem to hang in a frame beside it. The plan was to type and print it out but my printer decided to stop working. Pardon my slightly messy handwriting haha! Hey it's gotten a lot better, I failed penmanship in 1st grade. I mean come on who even gives a grade for penmanship in 1st grade?

Here is the poem, if any of you would like to do this project with your children also.


Sometimes you get discouraged,
 Because I am so small
I always leave my handprints,
On the furniture and walls,
But everyday I’m growing,
I’ll be grown someday

Then all my little handprints,
Will slowly fade away
So, here’s a final handprint,
Just so that you can say
This is how my hand looked,
When I placed it here today.
And then of course you put the date. I'm thinking about doing this every year, changing out the pictures and saving the previous ones in a memory file. (I have a memory file for each of my girls where I keep thier special artwork and such.) There will be another post on how I organize that stuff coming soon.

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  1. I love this, I wished I had done that when my girls were small